Saturday, June 2, 2012

San Diego Zoo

Went to the San Diego Zoo yesterday and had a blast! I Saw monkeys, a polar bear (amazingly majestic animal by the way), a leopard and her cutie cubs, gorillas, meerkats, a badass hyena, flamingos, giraffes, elephants..t'was amazing. I also felt badly for the poor things especially the animals with smaller areas. I think about how much play time and running my own dog needs to be happy and balanced, and I wonder  how unnatural it is for the zoo animals to be locked up :(

I saw the most gorgeous and exotic animals and it just destroys me when I know that humanity's influence on them is so bad. I hope one day we appreciate them before they are all gone. It's also difficult to feel like I contribute to the animals living in such a place by paying to go to a zoo, and then understanding they should be free. I should be more conscious of my environmental habits and at least make small efforts. My teacher said every action you make is worth something in the universe because you don't know who's day you made better by even speaking a word or uttering a syllable. That's why music is so important to me and I hope one day the sounds I make are pretty enough to make you feel something and make a difference out there....if anyone is out there reading this blog. lol have a great weekend! Stay positive! You are all beautiful and worthy ladies if you treat others beautifully!

Top: Mother's
Flannel Print Shirt: Eleven Paris
High Waist Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Belt: Mother's
Leather Satchel: Mango

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  1. Nina, you're so sweet. I think you're amazingly beautiful inside and out! and I read your blog tehe! oh and I'm back nina!