Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Paris to the Moon"

I am here! Well I have been here in Paris for almost two weeks now and it is amazing. I must admit for the first time in my life ever I was terribly homesick, jet-lagged, and I caught the flu :/  I am taking a creative non-fiction writing class which is helping me write about the city and become a better writer. We are reading three books: Paris to the Moon by Adam Gopnik, Paris, Paris: Journey Into the City of Lights by David Downie and a creative non-fiction text book which helps you write creative essays such as journalists do called Writing True.

Each of these books writes about different places in Paris, creatively. As a class we visit the sites they write about and write our own creative essays. Perhaps at the end of my trip I shall post one. So far, my favorite place to be in Paris is Shakespeare & Co. I could live in Paris forever in that little shop. Although I am terribly sad I couldn't find the book Watership Down, I did find some others I really like.

P.S A little piece of home-sick relief resides in "Pho 14" off the Tolbiac exit from subway line 7.

Isn't that lion behind me beautiful? I have fallen madly in love with him <3 

Les Deux Magots Cafe- Not as posh as Le Flore across the street, but was a haunt of Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Sartre, and therefore...awesome to people who love writing

Chi-chi restaurant near the River Gauche or fairy be-sprinkled hallway?

Across the street from Pablo Picasso's former residence

A cold and blustery day in the 100-acre Versailles Palace. I was sick and thus look silly with so many articles of clothing. I look like a little child at Pooh Corner

From the second story of the Louvre Museum, looking for Flemmish paintings

Possibly the best bookstore in the world. Shakespeare & Co. not in its original location, but still the likes of which feel as if Harry Potter and J.K Rowling could have imagined


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