Friday, October 14, 2011

The Roxy gig

Our first show at the Roxy. My friend and somewhat manager/producer invited us to open for him. We found out about 2 weeks before the show and I had nothing ready...or a bassist...or guitarrist. Eventually we found friends or friends of friends. Then I found out it was pay to play. So if you ever want to play at the Roxy...your band has to sell tickets -__-; But it was the most exciting experience, being our first real show so it was worth it. Here's some samples that we recorded in my garage with a Snowball mic and garageband. It was a little rushed because we recorded it the day-of, a couple hours before the show. More original stuff to come with the band and smoother. cleaner recordings. Visit youtube to watch this show here:

     The Roxy gig by Light Display

Our band, formerly known as Light Parade

Collecting and counting ticket money

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